by Deadhead Roses

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Deadhead Roses' sophmore album sees a much more matured and structured approach in the songwriting. Autopsia further explores rock, electronic, and acoustic avenues while still exploring the band's defining sound.


released February 28, 2012

Written, recorded, performed, and produced by Dylan Neal.

Piano recorded and performed by Eric Dobyns on tracks 3, 7, 9, and 10, and accordion on track 11. Female vocals performed by Erin Hilburn on tracks 9, 10, and 11. Drums performed and written by Robert Chang on tracks 7 and 8. Bass performed and written by Anna Perez on track 7.

Image by Harry Clarke.



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Deadhead Roses Orange, California

Deadhead Roses is a multi-instrumental musical quintet from Southern California. The band was formed by Dylan Neal in 2009. Since their debut experimental rock release in 2009, Deadhead Roses' innovative style has been continuously evolving by utilizing elements of rock, electronica, experimental, and ambient music. ... more

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Track Name: Ghost Lights
These ghost lights are beautifully haunting
They lure me into the woods with their glow
Moving slowly at night
Sparkling underneath a dead night sky
They fool me into the bog with their lights
These ghouls parade as my friends
I see them under my eyelids
They beckon me from heaven's pull
The hungry ghost is never full

But my will is stronger than the will of the wisp

Slowly they swing back and forth their lanterns
I have strayed all caution burned in moonlight
The closer I get the more they flee
My impulse has control of me
They lead me to a deep chasm
And snuff their lights and leave laughing

My will is stronger than the will of the wisp
and through the bog I will find just why I'm alive here
Track Name: Autopsia
Lay me down upon your cutting table
My body splattered with Rorsach bloodstains
Reach inside and take from me this tumor
That's brought me here before you tonight

And you will be my conductor
In our dissection theater

Your blue-green eyes staring down at me
The same color as my lividity
In pools of blood you see your reflection
And now you may begin to cut at me

And you will be my conductor
In our dissection theater

And you will find me inside you
Track Name: Dance Macabre
So we spin
Upon this wheel
Dizzy with our

But I do pray
That I fall off
Crack my head and
Flower with rot

And let the vultures pick at my bones
Returning me to that which I am from

And away we'll dance
The hearts of men
A light has flashed
A once dim end

Every little leaf that you turn
Blossomed from the death of something that was loved

So let the vultures feast upon your skull
Returning you to that which you are from
Track Name: My House
Something's rapping at my door
Raven's croaking nevermore
No one knows that I live here
And do not tell them as I fear
Something's fallen from my shelf
Staring back up at myself
Nothing feels just quite right
The skin I'm wearing is much too tight

Home is where you hang your noose
Hang in there don't cut loose

I can hear them all outside
They can smell formaldehyde
I trim and trim to look my best
But no one knows that I'm a mess
I board the windows, lock the door
Still they creep in through the floors
Cadavar dogs sniff the ground
But you're gone and won't be found

Home is where you hang your noose
Hang in there don't cut loose
Can you smell it my decay
Should have been here yesterday
Track Name: All Saints Die
I saw your saint in the morgue today
Before he left my body he screamed its the only way
I then felt him slip inch-by-inch away
I know you can smell his crumbling body as the wind plays

All saints die
And I do too
An ornament on the corpse tree
Watch him sway with the wind so gracelessly

The bigger the gun the bigger the mess
For you to clean up in your pretty white dress
Look at your darling he's smeared across the wall
I say we stay awhile and sit and watch him crawl

All saints die
And I do too
An ornament on the corpse tree
Watch him sway with the wind so gracelessly

I feel him in the hallways
He creeps in the shadows
He sleeps in my bed
I know I am never free
Track Name: Wake Song
In the rain I watched God's fingers
Tap upon green leaves
I'm alive and in this rain
Why won't he tap on me

I pray I'm just a thin veil on
an avatar's eyes
Staring out upon the world
a chalice for its light

Doused in suffering screaming chagrin
Slash the ego's belly from within
Or take on the arm of death
Never finding home
Track Name: Kópavogur
Last night in the dead of night
I watched the Owl take flight
He swooped down at my head
And told me how we end

We die, holy, Like Bonnie and Clyde
You can make love to my lifeless body

Later in that dying night
I watched the Owl falling
And he sank with the moon
And I did too

You can be my bloody Cinderella
And have your eyes pecked out by Crows

To all my loving martyrs: I'm sorry I stoned you. I only aimed to act like other humans do
Track Name: Violent Bloom
There's a little girl whose pigtails are turning into snakes
And I hear the scream of a virgin

Its in my head

I am watching as the shadows creep across the wall
And I am told its just a play of light
That dances madly
And fantastically
And sometimes, like right now
It feels more real than -

Its in my head
Track Name: Universal Moan
He asked me if his soul would go to heaven
I said "son take a look around we're already in hell"
and she she said "no one will love me if I don't use my body"
As I took her innocence on top of my bed
And we moan

I only want you when you are not ready
As taking it slow was never my style
And "supper will be ready on the table at seven"
But I don't think I will be alive by then
And we moan

I need more of you than you could care to give me
But if you gave me the chance I could help you waste away
And I feel like the dog waiting for his master
But he's forgotten me and never coming home
And I moan

And I leave you alone with this great pain
As my voice fades with the burning of this tape